Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Julie McCullough Autographed 1992 Playboy Trading Card by Star Pics

On September 24, 1985 the first episode of Growing Pains aired featuring the quirky day-to-day predicaments of an idealistic wholesome family unit of like no other since the Brady Bunch. Kirk Cameron who played Mike Seaver quickly grew to become the star of the show and literally a growing pain for the cast and crew, especially for that of actress Julie McCullough. Julie Costello played by Julie McCullough first appeared on the show as Chrissy’s nanny and quickly became a regular character on the show found her way into the heart of Mike Seaver as his girlfriend and fiancée. However, in real life the relationship of the two co-stars was quite the opposite. It is widely believed that Kirk Cameron called for the firing of Julie McCullough due to her previously posing nude for Playboy.

Damn you Kirk! Julie was the best thing to happen to that show and you ruined it for all the young boys across the country! Sorry I digress.

Though Julie McCullough would go on to appear in several more television shows and movies, it would appear that the controversy surrounding her firing from Growing Pains had a profound effect on the potential prospect of her acting career. She has yet to reconcile her differences with Kirk Cameron to this day.

Well, for all those who have ever wondered what another 2 years of Julie Costello on Growing Pains would have been like here is a Julie McCullough Autographed 1992 Playboy trading card by Star Pics.

This a very rare autographed chase card by Star Pics for their 1992 Playboy trading card series featuring the alluring Julie McCullough who has been featured on the covers of Playboy in February 1985 for their Girls of Texas pictorial and in September 1986 for their Farmer’s Daughters pictorial. She was also Playmate of the Month for February of 1986.

Julie McCullough has had a varied career over the years as a model, actress, and stand-up comedian. Some of the more notable television shows she has played a role in throughout her career include Beverly Hills, 90210, Drexell’s Class, Growing Pains, Harry and the Hendersons, Jake and the Fatman, Relic Hunter, and The Drew Carey Show. Though she continues to work as an actress, she has more recently moved on to doing stand-up comedy and has performed at several venues including the Hollywood Improv, the Palms hotel and Casino, and the Laugh Factory.

For those of you wondering if there could possibly be any comic book related tie-in to be found here, she just so happens to also play the role of romantic interest for the most recognizable superhero of all time, Superman, in the 1988 episode of The Adventures of Superboy: A Kind of Princess.

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