Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1998 Autographed A-2 Lacey Chabert Lost in Space Movie Trading Card by Inkworks

“Danger, Will Robinson!” is a catch phrased that has been engraved in to the minds of many a sci-fi geek all because of a 1960’s hit television show known as Lost in Space.  In 1998 people at New Line Cinema sought to insure this catch phrase be passed on to future generations by remaking the 1960 television show in to a full length motion picture. Once again another generation was introduced to the adventurous Robinson family of 5, the dashing and heroic Major Don West, the suspicious Dr. Zachary Smith, and of course the infamous B-9 robot that has us hanging off his every word. Though, the 1998 movie did not earn enough to warrant a sequel it was a box office hit and it has lived up to serving its purpose, for now.

“Warning! Warning!” “Danger, Will Robinsion!” “That does not compute!”

Whether you are fan of Lost in Space or just a fan of the actress who played Penny Robinson in the 1998 movie, Lacey Chabert, here is something you might be interested in.

A limited edition 1998 Autographed Lacey Chabert Lost in Space Movie Trading Card by Inkworks.

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At the time the movie was produced Lacey Chabert was popular for her role as one of the main cast members in the television show Party of Five.  Since that time she has appeared in several other movies and television shows. She has also lent her voice to several popular animated characters such as Eliza Thornberry of The Wild Thornberrys, Meg Griffin of Family Guy, Gwen Stacey of the animated series The Spectacular Spider-Man, Zatanna of Young Justice, and Mako of the MMO Star Wars: The old Republic.

If you are fan of Lost in Space’s Penny Robinson or of the actress Lacey Chabert and is interested in this limited edition card you can find it for sell on eBay by clicking here.

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