Saturday, September 1, 2012

1996 Spawn Series 4 figure: Cy-Gor the cybernetic gorilla by Todd McFarlane Toys

In an attempt to create the ultimate supersoldier the entity simply known as “The Agency”, sanctioned an unholy project which would combine man, beast, and machine into one. The plan of Dr. Fredrick Whilhelm’s was to fuse the mind of Sergeant Stephen Smith with that of a silver back gorilla which he had enhanced with cybernetics. However, Dr. Whilhelm, who was apparently running the entire operation single-handedly, suffered a debilitating stroke leaving his work incomplete and as a result the mind of the monstrosity known as Cy-Gor would be more beast than originally planned. The then uncontrollable Cy-Gor eventually broke free from the layer of Dr. Whilhelm in order to extract his revenge on all those that had a part in his creation including his onetime mentor Al Simmons.

Here is a 1996 Spawn Series 4 action figure of the part beast/part man/part machine known as Cy-Gor by McFarlane Toys.

When a pipe broke in my garage this item happened to be in a cardboard box on the floor. Though the water never got more than a couple of centimeters high the cardboard box soaked up the water and so did the backboard of this item’s package. I decided to just remove the backboard and place the figure in a Ziploc bag. The only time I have removed the item from the bag since then was to take these pictures.  None of the parts are missing and as you can tell from the pictures the item is in excellent condition.

If you are interested in this figure of the cybernetic gorilla, Cy-Gor, you can find it for sale on... will be posting soon.

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