Saturday, September 1, 2012

1994 Limited Edition A Distant Soil Print Autographed by Colleen Doran

A Distant Soil is the work of writer and illustrator Colleen Doran. Since its creation the story has gone under a number of reversions as the title moved from one publisher to the next. Current issues of A Distant Soil are now being published under the Image banner.

The story of A Distant Soil focuses on a 15 year old earth bound girl, by the name of Liana, who is the heir of a religious dynasty on a distant plant, called Ovanan. When the current leaders of Ovanan learned of Liana’s existence they decided to assassinate her. Fortunately for the young heroine the leader of the Ovanan Resistance, Rieken, travels to earth along with his body guard, D’mer, to protect young Liana. With the help of her brother, Jason, and new found friends Rieken and D’mer they set off to gather a team of heroes who will travel back with them to Ovanan in an attempt to overthrow the corrupt regime. 

This is a 1994 limited edition autographed print by Colleen Doran featuring Liana and Rieken from A Distant Soul titled Liana's Gift. It is numbered 1,315 out of only 2,000.

Colleen Doran is a well-known illustrator and writer who first began working professionally as an illustrator at the young age of 15. Since then she has gone on to do illustrations for hundreds of comics, graphic novels, books, magazines, and other works. Some of the titles she has worked on include The Sandman, Wonder Woman, Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans, Gone to Amerikay, Mangaman, and her own title A Distant Soil.

If you are interested in this item, you can find if for sale on… Will be posting soon.

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