Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Day Gone, Another eBay Lesson Learned

I understood that out of each successful auction eBay would take a percentage of the final price as their cut. This was a given. However, I guess I did not pay close enough attention to fact that they also charge you a fee based on the cost of you shipping your item to the buyer.  Personally I do not understand the justification for this fee.

Where does eBay come in to the equation when I am shipping an item? When I’m packaging the item eBay is not there handing me a pair of scissors or some tape. When I’m on my way to the post office eBay is not there to offer to drive or even change the channel on my radio. When I’m standing in line at the post office eBay is not there to offer me a refreshing drink or a tasty snack. Ah, but when I’m finally about to pay the cashier and I reach for my wallet eBay is there to help takeout my money. Now I see.

Just when I thought I might be getting a grasp on how much to charge for shipping eBay throws me for another loop.

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